Deadpool and Korg rated trailer for Ryan Reynolds new comedy

The ad campaign for Ryan Reynolds‘s comedy โ€œThe Main Characterโ€ continues with an unusual twist. For a new โ€œreactionโ€ video, the actor has tried on Deadpool’s image again and his company was composed by Korg from Marvel, who was again voiced by Taika Waititi. Together the characters decided to appreciate the trailer of the tape, which tells of the adventures of NPC inside a huge game.

For starters, Deadpool suggested everyone subscribe to Patreon and reminded how the audience liked it parsing the Cruella trailer. While watching the latter, the hero was interested in โ€œwhere are ****** dogs missing? โ€œ.

Later, the characters ironically derided the humor of the new picture, where the central character doesn‘t even have his own name and he โ€œwants to drive in the face. โ€ In one, Korg mixed lead actress Jodie Comer with Jodie Foster and positively reviewed the film’s villain (who is just played by Waititi).

By the way, and the sequel to Deadpool is a mercenary recalled that in the sequel, his girlfriend was used only as a tool to motivate the lead character. In addition, Deadpool complained that literally all the characters got โ€œtheir series on Disney+โ€ and he didn‘t get into MCU.

In the end, the trailer was rated โ€œfour out of five avocados & raquo; โ€” โ€œThe Main Heroโ€ itself is released in a Russian rental on August 12. More on Gamermania, โ€œThe Mandalerโ€ and โ€œThe Crownโ€ lead Emmy Award 2021 nominees The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf’s first teaser trailer is released Human sacrifice in first Pagan Age trailer.