Dear Villagers to publish two-stick Revita bagel

The publishing house Dear Villagers announced their new project. It will release a game by single developer Benjamin Kiefer called Revita. The bagel will be released on Steam before the end of the year.

Two-stick platform bagel Revita – recognition of the author of love to classic genres and those who prefer to play them year after year. In the game we will have the role of an unnamed boy who explores the subway and the sinister clock tower in search of their own memories.

Players await an endless variety of combat clashes in procedurally generated rooms. At the same time, the game has a huge set of parameters that will strengthen the preferred style: slow down time, โ€œcirclingโ€ enemies with a contour for easy tracking, make aiming easier or complicated.

One of the features of the game is the ability to sacrifice part of health for the sake of increasing strength. This turns the hero into a โ€œglass cannonโ€, but the bagel principles allow you to go for any experiments.

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