Death American soldier placed moving photo with baby in arms just before her death: ‘I love my job’

Nicole Gee (23) is one of 13 American soldiers who died after a suicide attack in Afghan capital Kabul. โ€œI love my job,โ€ she wrote at one of her latest Instagram posts, showing how she held a baby in her arms. The photo went viral.

Gee was sent to Afghanistan to help with the evacuations. The 23-year-old actually wanted to be an air traffic controller, but because of a heart rhythm disorder, it couldnt. She joined the U.S. Army as a maintenance engineer.

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Her father sent a text message a few days before she died saying he was so proud. ,, She was a perfect kid. Never got into trouble,โ€ he says to The Washington Post.

Her friends are sadness too. A friend wrote on social media that she cant describe the loss. She finds it hard to realize that Nicole is gone. ,, Then there was that explosion, and just like that its gone.โ€ She comforts herself with the idea that she breathed her last breath while doing what she loved most: helping people.

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Suicide terrorist

Outside Kabul Airport, a suicide bomber blew himself up on Thursday. There were at least 170 deaths, including 13 US soldiers. The US victims are mostly young twenties. The United States Army recently shared a photo of the military who died.

The attack was claimed by a local department of Islamic State (IS).