Death by Taliban bonds in Kabul


least seventeen people were killed last night in Kabul by Taliban fighters joyshots, Reuters news agency reports based on a statement from a hospital worker. The Taliban claim victory in the Panjshir Valley, but it has not been confirmed. The resistance in the Panjshir Valley contradicts the reports.

โ€œLast night, Taliban sources spread reports that the entire province is under their control, and that the main resistance fighters would have fled the country. Then there was hours of shooting in the air,โ€ correspondent Aletta Andrรฉ said in the CCeit Radio 1 Journal. This not only killed seventeen people, but 41 people were injured.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid writes on Twitter that he disapproves of the joys: โ€œAvoid shooting in the air, thank Allah instead. Bullets can injure civilians, so don‘t shoot unnecessarily.โ€

โ€œWon’t give up battleโ€

According to the latest reports, the only resistance stronghold against the Taliban in Afghanistan is still being fought. Although the group claims that resistance leaders have left the country, prominent resistance leader Ahmad Massoud writes on social media that he vows to continue fighting.

โ€œWe will never give up the fight for Allah, freedom and justiceโ€.

The previous vice president, Amrullah Saleh, also distributed a video message last night saying he speaks from Panjshir. โ€œHe is now seen as president by resistance people,โ€ Andrรฉ said. โ€œAccording to the resistance fighters, the Taliban suffered a lot of losses, but it seems that Taliban fighters have entered the province and may have taken a stretch of the north of the province, but not the capital.โ€

For now, the Panjshir Valley was the only place in Afghanistan where there were no Taliban on the streets. That the Taliban could not occupy the province is often attributed to the landscape, Andrรฉ says.

โ€œThe green Panjshir valley is surrounded by impenetrable mountains where only resistance fighters know the way. The valley has only one real access road, so even in the 90s, this province did not fall into the hands of the Taliban.โ€

Who are the Taliban anyway? Watch it in this video: