Death driver Leroy of D. is driving around again under the influence of drugs

The police have taken action again Friday night to keep Julianadorper Leroy of D. He‘s enclosed for an investigation.

Van D., who was sentenced to a prison sentence of fifteen months for causing a fatal accident in Hoorn in July 2018, continues to go wrong again and again.

On December 28, he was still detained while his driver’s license had already been recovered. D. should also occur for previously committed offences. Due to the nature of the facts, he cannot be held in custody before the court proceedings are brought.

This time the police saw the man driving a rented car in Julianadorp. After a short chase in the village, this vehicle was found unattended on the Boterzwin. Near the car, Van D. was found and apprehended. As before, after a saliva test, he was found positive on the use of drugs, in this case thc and amphetamine.