‘Death father plays Paul de Leeuw at Opp1’

Talkshowhost Paul de Leeuw is under a magnifying glass since his comment in Op1 about the mentality of Asians. According to media reporter Rob Goossens, De Leeuw is not in place in the talk show. โ€œThe presenter is a guest in his own show,โ€ says Goossens in a new episode of the Culture and Media Podcast. He spoke to De Leeuw this week by telephone and suspects that the death of his father, last autumn, left his mark with the presenter.

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Ivo Niehe also gets a storm of criticism because of his breast demand to Britney Spears 22 years ago. Film journalist Marco Weijers – who had a memorable interview with the pop singer in the heyyears of Spears – denounces contemporary cancellation culture. Further in the podcast: a behind-the-scenes look at the new chat app Clubhouse, the last season of Sunday with Lubach, and our favorite swan scenes leading up to Valentines Day.