Death penalty for Chinese burning ex-wife live on social media

A Chinese man who killed his ex-wife by setting her on fire while seen live on social media has been sentenced to death. That‘s what the Chinese dish reported on Thursday.

30-year-old Tibetan blogger Amuchu โ€” also known by her nickname Lamu โ€” was followed by tens of thousands of fans on the social network Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok. Among other things, she posted images of herself walking in the mountains, cooking, or singing in traditional Tibetan costume. While addressing her followers live on the social network in September 2020, her ex-husband doused her with gasoline before setting her on fire. The victim died of her burns two weeks later in the hospital.

Cruel The

drama unleashed a lot of emotions in China and sparked a debate about domestic violence โ€” particularly about the lack of punishment of violence in rural areas or among ethnic minorities. Amuchu had split from her abusive husband for three months at the time of the horrific facts. The latter has now been sentenced to death by a court in Aba, in the southwestern province of Sichuan, for first-degree manslaughter. His crime โ€œwas extremely cruel and its effect on society terrible,โ€ the court said in a statement.

After Amuchu’s death, millions of people on social networks demanded justice. The communist regime in China did not criminalize domestic violence until 2016. Recently, Beijing changed the divorce legislation and introduced a one-month waiting period before a divorce can be allowed. The measure aims to combat impulsive divorces, but is subject to a lot of criticism because it could cause victims to remain in the clutches of their abusive spouses unnecessarily for a long time.