Death risk becoming cheaper

The death risk insurance (orv) has again become cheaper in 2020. The average premium fell by 5%. Due to the continued fall in prices, the average rate is now 40% lower than ten years ago.

Compared to twenty years ago, the premium drop is even 60%, reports research firm Moneyview. The insurance will become cheaper because since 1 January 2018 it is no longer required to take out an orv with a mortgage with National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG). From 1 January 2020, the same applies to existing NHG mortgages.

Increase house prices

The average insured amounts are considerably higher than in 2017, the year before compulsory death coverage was removed, writes Moneyview. The number of homeowners who take out an orv with an insured captitaal from €275,000 has even doubled. According to the research firm, this is due to the sharply increased house prices. By far the most homeowners have an orv of up to €175,000, but they were a lot less popular last year.

Among young people up to 30 years of age, the number of policies on one life decreased by 4%. Moneyview also assigns this to the shelves of the ORV obligation. Among the people over 60, on the other hand, the number of policies on a life doubled.


The number of smokers among orvers declined significantly in 2020. 87% declare that they do not smoke and therefore benefit from a lower premium. In 2017, three quarters of insured people reported not to smoke. Remarkably, writes Moneyview, because the decline is much harder than the official figures on the number of smokers in the Netherlands show.