Death toll after ten years of civil war Syria increased to half a million

The civil war in Syria has killed 494,438 people in ten years. This is reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights after a new census. The information centre reports from Coventry on the situation in Syria, using a local network of informants.

A year ago, a death toll of 384,000 was reported.

The situation in Syria is now calmer than in recent years and so the informants of the observatory were able to investigate old deaths. Especially between the end of 2012 and November 2015, more victims of war appear to have fallen.

Among the 494,438 deaths are 159,774 civilians. The other victims are mostly military, rebels and jihadists.

Elections were sham

The civil war began ten years ago after peaceful protests against President Assads authoritarian regime. He was re-elected for the fourth time last week with 95% of the votes, but according to the Syrian opposition and the West, the elections were a sham.

Only the Syrians living in areas controlled by President Assad were allowed to vote. The Syrians who fled to the opposition area in the province of Idlib were therefore not allowed to vote.