Death toll Aftermath Hurricane Ida on East Coast U.S. R.

In the states of Maryland, New York and New Jersey on the east coast of the US, at least 28 deaths have been killed in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, according to American media. As far as known, a 2-year-old toddler is the youngest victim of the floods caused by extreme rainfall. Authorities fear the death toll will continue to rise.

Ida has moved into the US from the Gulf of Mexico over the last few days and left a trail of destruction. As in the southern and more centrally located states, Ida has led to floods, damage and large-scale power outages in the northeast. At its peak, at least 200,000 households were out of power.

The heavy rains caused the biggest problems on the east coast; wind speeds had already dropped far below hurricane level. In New York, a record amount of rain fell. The Governor was surprised and compared it to the Niagara Falls.

Five dead in one house

In the states of New York and New Jersey, the state of emergency was declared. Most of the fatalities died because they got stuck in flooded cellars or cars. Five drowned people were found in a flooded New Jersey house. Emergency services are still looking for people stranded as a result of the floods.

New York City is flooded by subways and subway stations due to heavy rains.

Main roads in and around the city were difficult to access due to flooding. A major traffic artery along the east side of the Manhattan district, FDR Drive, ran under. Social media outlines images of cars that are mostly underwater.

New York residents were urgently advised to stay at home. โ€œThese are historical weather conditions,โ€ says Mayor Bill de Blasio. He talked about record amounts of rain and dangerous situations on the roads.

Indoors, residents also suffer from the distress weather, reflected by images of flooded homes and toilets flooding by the rainwater.

CNN calculated that in New York City, over a 5-hour period, there was a amount of rainfall that could have filled 50,000 Olympic pools.

On social media, a video of a man in swimming trunks was often shared, floating on an air mattress. The video was made yesterday in The Bronx district.

Like New York, New Jersey was experiencing heavy rains, causing roads to flare. In the city of Newark, the wettest day ever recorded yesterday; 21 inches of rain fell. Just outside Philadelphia, in the likewise affected state of Pennsylvania, a tornado occurred last night, US weather service confirmed.

In the south of the state, dwellings have been destroyed by the storm. A man in his 70s died. He was sitting with two people in a car that got into trouble because of the high water. The other occupants could be rescued.

The weather was caused by the remains of Ida, which landed as a hurricane with gusts of up to 241 kilometers per hour in Louisiana at the end of last week. In addition, one million households were out of power. Many homes are still under water.