Death toll due to broken cliff in Brazil rises to ten

Rescuers in Brazil have adjusted the death toll after an accident at Furnas reservoir to ten. The victims were buried under a stretch of broken cliff yesterday, when they sailed across the lake in a small boat. Previously, the authorities reported that there were seven deaths.

Divers and firefighters have recovered three more bodies today. Nothing has been disclosed about the identity of the victims. In the accident, about thirty people were injured.

Images of the accident were shared a lot on social media yesterday. It showed how suddenly a gap arose in the rock, after which a meter-long piece broke off and ended up in the water. The piece of stone hit a boat and caused high waves.

A spectator filmed the collapsing cliff. The video only takes a few seconds:

The accident happened in the state of Minas Gerais, where it has rained a lot over the past period. That precipitation may have led to a crack in the rock party.