Death toll prison riots Ecuador up to more than a hundred

The number of rioting deaths in a prison in Ecuador has increased to more than a hundred. That has revealed the Latin American countrys prison service after more bodies have been found and identified. At least five prisoners have been beheaded.

Yesterday, authorities reported 24 more deaths from the violence in the prison of Guayaquil, the largest city in the country. The number of injured people has also increased slightly: from 48 to 52.

Outside the prison there are family members of inmates who want to know how their loved ones are ready.

Mexican cartels

In the riots, prisoners met with firearms, knives and explosives. The police and the military took about five hours to restore order to the complex.

Authorities reported yesterday that an argument between two local rival gangs prompted the violence. The countrys former military intelligence boss now says international criminal organizations are involved. He calls the Mexican drug cartels Sinaloa and Jalisco. โ€œThey want to cause fear,โ€ says the former official.

There were several places where smoke had arisen in the prison grounds, and shots and explosions were heard:

This year, hundreds of prisoners had already been killed in riots in Ecuadors prisons. President Lasso therefore announced a state of emergency for the entire prison system in July.