Death toll train accident Egypt adjusted considerably downwards

In the train accident in Egypt last Friday, not 32, but 19 deaths were killed. Thats what the Egyptian Minister of Health Hala Zayed announced. The number of wounded, which initially stood at 165, was adjusted to 185 on Saturday

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it is possible that the death toll is still rising. Authorities have found a number of body parts that have yet to be identified. The misestimation of the death toll is probably due to the fact that wounded in a coma are among the deaths.

The incident took place north of the city of Sohag, more than 350 kilometres south of Cairo. Two trains collided after the emergency brake of one of the trains had been pulled according to the railway authorities. That train stopped and then the train was rammed from behind by another train. This will be further investigated. Images of the disaster show a massive havoc.

Egypt has one of the oldest rail networks in the region. As a result, accidents with trains occur more often.