Deathed Bondgirl Tanya Roberts turns out not to be deceased

American actress and bondgirl Tanya Roberts (65) was wrongly declared dead last weekend. Her representative Mike Pingel reported her death on Sunday in a press release, but revoked the statement. Her condition is still critical.

The misunderstanding would have arisen after her partner, Lance O‘Brien, had been informed by the hospital of her impending death. During his farewell Roberts closed her eyes and O’Brien got the impression that she had died, he explained to the entertainment site TMZ.

He then left the hospital without consulting the medical staff and informed Spokesman Pingel, who then drafted and distributed a press release. O‘Brien described in it how his partner โ€œclosed her beautiful eyesโ€ for the last time.

Call from the hospital

The actress became known as Bondgirl Stacey Sutton in the 1985 James Bond film A View to a Kill, and is also known for her role in That ‘70s Show.

She was hospitalized on Christmas Eve after suddenly losing consciousness when she walked the dog. It is unknown where that was caused by.

O‘Brien got a call from the hospital yesterday saying that his partner is still alive. At that time, he was interviewed by the CBS program Inside Edition, after which he burst into tears live on television. โ€œThe hospital tells me she’s alive, oh my God!โ€

The hospital does not want to answer questions from American media about her condition in connection with the protection of personal data.