Deathloop file size turned out to be surprisingly small

The network noted that PlayStation servers had information about the size of Arkane‘s new game, Deathloop. The first-person shooter about the time loop turned out to be quite โ€œmodestโ€ in size โ€” the project weighs only 17. 3 GB.

It’s far smaller than other PS5 exclusives, including the recent Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart โ€” not to mention some multi-platform projects with ‘monstruose’ sizes files. In Deathloop, players will need to kill multiple targets, in case of failure, the time loop will restart.

In doing so, another user can invade the world in an attempt to destroy you. The game will be released on September 14 for PS5 and PC โ€” it was previously slated for May 21, but the project has been rescheduled for refinement.

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