Deathloop to be PS5 console exclusive until at least September 2022

Shortly after Deathloop‘s announcement, it was revealed that the first-person shooter about the time loop would be a console exclusive to the PlayStation 5. Now we know that the exclusivity will last until at least September 14, 2022, which is exactly a year after the release. The information about it just a few seconds appeared at the very end of the new gameplay Deathloop video shown as part of the State of Play presentation this week.

Deathloop is Bethesda’s publisher and Arkane is working on development. After the deal with ZeniMax, both companies are owned by Microsoft.

It is conceivable that after the exclusivity period ends, Deathloop will be released on Xbox and Xbox Game Pass. Previously Bethesda was unable to confirm or deny whether Deathloop would come out on Xbox.

The game will be released on September 14 on PlayStation 5 and PC. More on Gaming New Map for Hunt: Showdown Already Available on Test PC Server Role Adventure Nexomon is out on consoles Strategic Simulator Imagine Earth released on Xbox.