Deaths after Beirut turmoil in Hezbollah protest over port explosion investigation

In the Lebanese capital of Beirut, six people have been shot dead in a protest against the judge investigating last year‘s port explosion. A number of victims have been hit in the head, reports Domestic Minister Bassam Mawlawi. Shocking images are circulating on social media.

Among the dead is a 24-year-old woman who was hit by a stray bullet at home. The Lebanese Red Cross reports that at least thirty people have been injured. Shots were discharged in mass. It’s not clear who‘s behind the shooting and what the motive is.

The protest, organized by the Shiite Hezbollah and Amal, called for the departure of judge Tarek Bitar. They think it’s biased. Two ex-ministers filed a complaint against him this week because they wanted a โ€œtransparent and honest judgeโ€. The complaint was rejected by the court. However, the study was briefly stopped for the second time in a month.

The explosion in the port of Beirut caused more than two hundred deaths and many thousands injured. The damage in the wide area was enormous. Politics are negligent because the exploded ammonium nitrate had been stored in the port for years before the explosion occurred. Next of kin believe that the investigation is not going fast enough. They say officials are constantly hampering the investigation.