Deaths and Missing After Devastating Mudflows in Japan

In Japan, several deaths have been killed by a mudstream that left a trail of destruction in the city of Atami, south of Tokyo. Dozens of houses have been buried or destroyed. Japanese broadcaster NHK reports that two deaths have been recovered and there are about twenty missing persons.

After heavy rains, residents of the town were surprised by a powerful wave of water, mud and debris.

Local residents who filmed the mudstream were surprised by its magnitude:

Japanese Prime Minister Suga has crisis talks about the situation in Atami. The citys board has asked the military to help rescue workers. Some 20,000 households are being evacuated.

Rainy season

In Japan, the rainy season is under way, which more often leads to flooding and mud flows. In Atami, there was much more rain than usual.

The monthly average of July is 242.5 millimeters of rain. For the past 48 hours, the city fell 313 millimetres.