Deaths and Missing After Landslide from Heavy Rain in Japan

In the Japanese region of Shizuoka, about 90 kilometres from Tokyo, a mudflow landslide after days of heavy rains swallowed and destroyed an unknown number of houses on Saturday. According to local sources, at least 2 deaths are about 20 people missing.

The dead were found in the port of Atami city. That authorities think the bodies were carried with the mud flow.

Television footage showed the flow that wiped out some buildings and buried others in Atami. You can also see how people and emergency services run away when the mud flow came down a hill road.

โ€œThe condition of 19 people is unknown,โ€ said a civil servant of Shizuoka Prefecture, in charge of disaster relief after the landslide. The local government has requested military assistance for a rescue mission. Several houses have been wiped out and 200 houses in the area were running out of power, he added.

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Most of Japan is currently in the rainy season, which often causes floods and landslides and forces people to flee from their homes.

In the 48 hours to midnight Saturday, 313 millimeters of rain fell in Atami. That‘s far more than the monthly average of 242.5 millimetres throughout July, according to Japanese public broadcaster NHK.

The super-fast Shinkansen train service between Tokyo and Osaka was temporarily discontinued due to heavy rain, while other local trains in affected areas were also shut down, according to railway companies’ websites.