Debate on Rutte IV started with meatbranch between Wilders, Chamber and Chairman

PVV leader Wilders has not yet expressed his first sentence in the debate on the government statement this morning whether he is interrupted. โ€œI had hoped Mr Wilders would start with an apology, but he starts with a different story.โ€ The interruption of D66 group chairman Paternotte appears to be the start of a messy phase at the beginning of the debate with attacks, pampering and criticism of the chairman.

It is Paternotte to do a tweet from Wilders to the new Justice Minister YeลŸilgรถz. โ€œA VVD member of Turkish descent in Justice. And now hope she wont lift my security because they prefer to see me disappear under the grass, of course,โ€ the high-security PVV leader tweeted at the end of December.

After asking for excuses (and Wilders refusal), the group chairmen of the other three coalition parties come forward one by one to express their anger about the tweet, suggesting that Wilders safety is not in good hands with the cabinet.


Wilders replied that the VVD has appointed a member of the Hofstad group, who had him on the death list, as an advisor. And he calls her (not for the first time) by name and increase: Soumaya Sahla. โ€œSomeone was hired who was on the way with a revolver to take Hirsi Ali and me off.โ€ Sahla was convicted in 2014 for prohibited possession of arms and membership of a terrorist organization.

Soumaya Sahla then goes to her sister Fonda Sahla, who is in the House of Representatives before D66. She wears a headscarf, something that the PVV has been fighting against for a long time and again today. โ€œWe are the Dutch parliament. With a head scarf, you can sit in the parliament in Saudi Arabia.โ€ And then the gate for part of the Chamber is all the way off the dam.

โ€œIf you put people away based on religion or the fact that they wear a headscarf, its downright racist,โ€ says GroenLinks leader Klaver. โ€œNot everything can be said in this room. Racism is not normal.โ€ Taking back words Wilders refuses, who still adds that Clover is โ€œcrazyโ€.

The stark tone and personal attacks require a number of MPs to address Chairman Bergkamp. Cant she do what? Or in the words of Simons van Bij1: โ€œA number of MPs are almost begging you to intervene hereโ€. After all, it is up to Bergkamp to โ€œcreate a safe workplace for people who have been electedโ€.

The chairman must be an referee, adds MP Omtzigt. โ€œIf an ankles are kicked and a referee says foui foul every time, but does not intervene with yellow or red cards, nothing happens.โ€

Bergkamp does not take real measures, but she does ask to debate content and not put colleagues away from their headscarf. โ€œThey cant defend themselves.โ€ But Wilders doesnt take anything back: โ€œI didnt say anything about the facts and the truth.โ€

MPs ask the chairman to intervene: