Debt restructuring of thousands of people may be mistakenly denied by tax authorities

The tax authorities may have wrongly rejected a request for debt restructuring of 5000 to 15,000 people because they were on the blacklist of the tax authorities. This is what the missionary Secretary of State Vijlbrief writes to the House of Representatives.

That search list, the so-called Fraud Signaling Facility (FSV), was discontinued last year after it was found that people were unfairly put on it and that the list was a serious breach of privacy legislation. Last month, the Dutch Data Protection Authority published a damning report about it and is still investigating whether a fine can be imposed on the tax authorities.

Previously, the Tax Authorities said that the list for the group in question has indeed had a financially detrimental effect. It was also clear that this included rejected requests for what officially called โ€œamicable debt restructuringโ€, although it was not yet known that this applies to the whole group. Vijlbrief then already announced that he wants compensation for those people at least.

Appropriate recovery

The quarterly report that now writes about the affected group states that the debt restructuring request of people with debts above 10,000 euros was rejected when they were on the list. All files are now being reviewed again.

First insights provide the picture that the damage caused by the rejected debt restructuring requests varies widely, reports Vijlbrief. A part of the people later appears to have been eligible for that amicable debt restructuring. Others may have been more severely affected, for example by personal bankruptcy or a forced recovery.

โ€œI think this is a very serious possibility that calls for an appropriate recovery,โ€ writes the Secretary of State. Based on the final numbers and results of the damage determination, he says he will work on solutions.

Vijlbrief also writes that 60,000 people were informed by letter about why they were blacklisted. In some cases, that reason is unknown.