Debutant Pothuizen leads Achilles 29 to first in nearly 1000 (!) days

Patrick Pothuizens Achilles 29 debut hasnt passed unnoticed. The striking former pro succeeded Ruud Kaiser at the former Groesbeek professional club this week and promptly led Achilles to his first victory in almost a thousand days.
Achilles relegated from professional football in 2017 and then stayed in the Second Division and the Third Division for one year. In spring 2020, the fourth straight relegation threatened, but due to the prematurely ending of the past two amateur season, Achilles still plays in the main league. At the beginning of September, the first point was caught in almost two years, even on Saturday, for the first time since April 6, 2019: SC Feyenoord went 1-2 for the axe, thanks to Gianluca Maria
s winning hit.
This one orphaned to Pothuizen afterwards. โ€œYes, you can call this the Patrick Pothuizen effect. He dragged us through it today,โ€ said the PSV-trained Maria in conversation with the Gelderlander. According to the match winner, โ€œsomething had to happenโ€ at Achilles. โ€œWhether thats setting the trainer aside, or sending players away. The board has chosen that first and if that is the best choice, I dont want to say.โ€
However, the revival under Pothuizen was striking. โ€œI found a disappointed group. There was nothing in it,โ€ said the 49-year-old former defender. โ€œI tried to encourage us to have confidence. I talked to players a lot individually and said that if they want to play higher, they do have to go. Theyve done that now and you can achieve this.โ€