Debuting Lang: Here or in the Johan Cruijff Arena, I dont care

Noa Lang is overjoyed with his debut for the Dutch team. He doesn‘t care that it was on a cold night in Riga.
All debutants of the Dutch team get a hare, so also Lang. โ€œI got it yes. He gets a very nice spot with my cups and shirts. Nervous? No, not really. It’
s your debut, but for me it‘s just a competition,โ€ says Lang sober in front of the CCeit’s camera.
It didn‘t go very smoothly for Orange, which escaped 0-1. โ€œThe spaces are small, I know of myself that I’m a player you can bring in such matches. I was involved in three opportunities. If you‘re a good footballer, it doesn’t matter where you stand. I fell in as a right winger. I don‘t play it often, but it doesn’t make my debut any less beautiful on it. It was tricky and the field didn‘t really help either.โ€
As mentioned, the destination does not matter for Lang. โ€œI made my debut. Whether that’
s here or the Johan Cruijff Arena. That doesn‘t matter much. I’m happy about it.โ€