Decapitated body woman (77) found in French residence

The body of a 77-year-old woman has been found beheaded at her home in the southern French coastal town of Agde on Wednesday night. A police source says terrorism is currently being barred by the prosecutor.

Officers stopped by the woman‘s house around 10pm on Wednesday night, after her son called the police for not hearing from her. They normally called every day, and the son also had access to video footage in the house, and he said he was concerned because he saw a shadow on the ground.

A police source says the woman’s head was on a table next to the body. There would be no signs of burglary. The gate of the house was closed, the front door was unlocked.

Police are still investigating what happened and say little is known about the case now. The municipality in the Hรฉrault department has about 30,000 inhabitants and is not far from Montpellier.