Deceased Prince Philip honored with salute shots and thick newspaper attachments

In the United Kingdom, salute shots paid tribute to Prince Philip, who died yesterday at the age of 99. From 13.00 Dutch time onwards, 41 salute shots were sounded, one minute in a row. They were fired at sea and in the four British capitals (London, Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh) and in the city state of Gibraltar.

The tribute was provided by the British Army. Several units of the Navy, in which Philip served during World War II, participated in the ceremony. In connection with corona, the public was called on to stay at home and to follow salute shots via the Internet, radio and TV broadcasts.

The first salute shot sounded punctually at 1:00 p.m.:

British newspapers turned out big this morning with the death of the prince, said correspondent Arjen van der Horst in the CCEIT Radio 1 News. โ€œMany morning newspapers devote dozens of pages to his death.โ€ Extensive reconstructions cover the life and legacy of the prince.

A few of the front pages: The Daily Express speaks of โ€œdeep sadnessโ€, The Times opens with great headlines and quotes Elizabeth with the words โ€œmy support and admittedlyโ€. The Daily Mail also focuses on the Queen: โ€œGoodbye, my belovedโ€, there is to read.

Van der Horst notices that The Guardian, the countrys only major Republican newspaper, and The Daily Telegraph, the most royal newspaper, have a similar front page: a large picture of Philip with his date of death underneath.

Flags half-pole in Commonwealth Countries

In other parts of the British Commonwealth, the death of Prince Philip is also considered. The countries of this confederation, consisting mainly of former colonies of the United Kingdom, also have Elizabeth II as head of state. Flags at a number of government buildings hang half-pole in the capitals of Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

For example, in Australia, Philips death responds:

The indigenous people of the island of Tanna (Vanuatu) are expected to honor the deceased prince in a traditional ceremony. The islanders saw in him the son of a mythical mountain god, who could promote the harvest of bananas and carrots. The royal couple visited the community in 1974, after which Prince Philip received cult status,

Funeral Details

It is expected that later today details of Prince Philips funeral will be announced. He wont get a state funeral in Westminster Abbey due to the corona measures. There will also be no possibility for the public to say goodbye to the prince.

On the Buckingham Palace website it was mentioned for a short time that the funeral will take place next Saturday, but that text has disappeared again.