Decrease in the number of coronapatics in the hospital, also significantly fewer infections

Between Friday and Saturday morning, 5340 new coronavirus cases were counted. One day earlier, 6093 were reported to the Rijksinstituut voor healthen milieu (RIVM), but this has been adjusted to 6062. The number of coronapatics in the hospitals was 2360 Saturday. Thats 109 less than a day before, reports the National Coordination Centre Patients Distribution (LCPS)

On Thursday, the RIVM reported more than 6500 new cases over the past 24 hours and on Wednesday more than 6100. With the latest figures, the average of the past week is now 5873 infected per day. On Friday it was 6159, the day before even 6454.

The number of deaths increased last 24 hours by 98 against 96 on Friday and 88 on Thursday. That doesnt mean that all those people died in a 24-hour period. When a coronapatient dies, this is sometimes passed after a while.

Amsterdam again counted most of the new coronas cases. In the capital, 194 inhabitants tested positive. Other cities came out under a hundred.

The total number of coronas came to almost 907,000 on Saturday. Of 12,966 people, they are certain that they have died of the virus.

Hospital figures

Of the 2360 patients, 666 are in intensive care, a decrease of nineteen. The nursing departments treat 1694 people with Covid-19, ninety patients less than Friday. Five Dutch COVID patients are in intensive care units in Germany. Thats as many as the day before.

247 new coronation patients were admitted to the Dutch hospitals, six more than Friday. Of these, 35 were admitted to the intensive care unit, 11 more than Friday and 212 in the nursing departments, five less than the day before.

Due to an increase in the number of new withdrawals in recent days, the LCPS has revised the forecasts. The declining trend continues, but slower than previously predicted. It is also unclear what the effect of the British variant of the coronavirus on the number of COVID infections and hospital occupation in the Netherlands.