Dedicated Necroids Supplement for Stellaris will be released on October 29

Space Strategy Stellaris will receive the Necroids Specialties Pack supplement dedicated to necroids in a week on October 29. According to the developers themselves, necroids are a reasonable undead who thrives where others die, and perish for the sake of prosperity of the Middle. portraits of races, models of ships and other cosmetics, as well as a variant of the origin of โ€œNecrophagesโ€, giving players power over creatures that devour enemies and blur the line between cult and empiry.

In total addition Necroids Specialties Pack will add: New origin โ€” โ€œNecrophagesโ€ Three civilian models: โ€œCult of Deathโ€ โ€œLived Warriorsโ€ โ€œMemorialistsโ€ 16 new portraits New kind of ships New voice adviser New names and names New images of buildings. More on CCeit For Watch Dogs: Legion โ€œhackedโ€ covers of other Ubisoft games Devil May Cry 5 on PS5 and Xbox Series X will be 4 graphics modes Ubisoft will allow migrate saves to your games between PlayStation, Xbox and PC.