Deep Rock Galactic authors share immediate plans for game development

Developers from Ghost Ship Games studio shared their immediate plans to develop Deep Rock Galactic. This year, the players of the cooperative action are waiting for at least two major updates. Update 34: Bits n Pieces.

April 2021 Support for modifications (Steam only). Ability to reassign control buttons on the controller.

Balance changes. Update 35.

Third quarter of 2021 New Mission. New weapons.

New modifiers for weapons. New cosmetic items.

Update 35 has no title and theme yet, and the content is not definitively defined. Perhaps the authors will add new mutators as well as more features for the space station, systems for cosmetics and probably variables during missions.

In addition, the developers intend to improve the interface. More on CCeit Exhibition E3 2021 โ€œin live formatโ€ cancelled Breathedge in April is released on consoles Battle Royale Free Fire dedicated a new clip to Eljay.