Deepest Chamber card buttler out in early access

The independent Budapest studio Balcony Softworks, backed by publishing house Those Awesome Guys, released a card strategy with elements of the Deepest Chamber bagel into early access. The game is available in Steam and Epic Games Store. Deepest Chamber action takes place in a bleak and dangerous fantasy world.

Players find themselves in dungeons under a dying medieval city and must fight hordes of many different detractors to find out what is happening. In battles, a traditional deck of cards will help us, and also various amplifications, amulets and potions.

Characters dont have a specific class, so they can be suited to any preferred style of play by concentrating on synergy of smarts. Steam, the game receives mostly positive reviews.

You can buy it for 269 rubles. More on Gomania American McGee ready to work on Alice: Asylum along with Electronic Arts Cofounder Blizzard apologises to female Sony employees herself leaked free PS Plus games on Aug.