Défano Holwijn and Souf raise more than 100,000 euros

Défano Holwijn had a special guest last night during his live session FC Curfew on Instagram. Souf of 22 told him about his rare muscle disease. Souf cant get better on his own. To leave something beautiful, he started a charity. With that, he wants to help others who are unlucky.

After the live session, the donations flowed in. In the meantime, people have donated more than 100,000 euros. Famous footballers such as Hakim Ziyech and Quincy Promes have also donated. Souf can hardly believe it.

Souf has SCA type 2 disease. It is a rare disease in which his nerves and muscles are doing less and less well. The disease is in the family with Souf. His sister, father and two uncles died of it.

Many people were touched by the sad story. They say on his Instagram page that they would like to support Souf. They write that they love what he wants to achieve with his charity.