Defence radar station against the wishes of residents to Herwijnen

The Defence still wants to place the new radar station for the protection of airspace in Herwijnen. That is against the wishes of the inhabitants, who are afraid of getting sick from the radiation. The House of Representatives also wanted a different location, and six months ago it seemed to have been found. But in the end, the Council of Ministers finds Herwijnen the most suitable location.

It was a difficult decision, said Secretary of State Van der Maat after the cabinet meeting. He went to Herwijnen this morning and the decision was not applauded there. But I explained that no new radar station cant be built, our airspace is currently insufficient in sight.

The Council of Ministers has chosen Herwijnen because there are no major plans for the installation of, for example, wind farms or new-build homes and construction can be started quickly. The new radar station is planned to be finished in four years.


There has been a hassle about the new radar station for years. The station in New Milligen needs to be replaced, as it is obsolete and the equipment fails regularly. The Ministry of Defence designated the Gelderland Herwijnen as a new location.

But the inhabitants have always resisted. They fear health problems due to prolonged exposure to radiation. There are already radars in the village for shipping and a radar from the KNMI, which also emit radiation. If there was another defense station, that would be too much.

According to the Health Council, the link between radiation from radar stations and diseases has not been established, but cannot be ruled out. The House of Representatives therefore asked the Defence to look for alternative locations.

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The ministry announced in October that there are multiple locations that were potentially suitable. In which municipalities those places were located, was not announced. According to the Secretary of State, there were eventually four locations left, but it is the fastest way to start in Herwijnen. New research would also show that the radiation from the various radars together remains within limits.

There is a second radar station for the protection of the airspace in the Frisian Wier, which causes noise pollution. A dome is now being built around it. The radar in Herwijnen will have a similar dome.