Degradation of Emmen continues: Helmond Sport wins at De Braak

FC Emmen is and remains the disappointing number eighteen of the Kitchen Champion Division. The degradant lost 1-0 at Helmond Sport on Friday night and blamed it to himself.
The formation of trainer Dick Lukkien had the better of the game in the first half at De Braak. That was one big chance: Jeredy Hilterman, who has so far been Emmens only player who managed to score this season, missed after he found himself in a difficult corner for Helmonds goal.
The Brabanders did not oppose that, but they did get ahead in the second half of the blue. Jules Houttequiet got all the time for a cross and planted that ball on the forehead of Jellert Van Landschoot, who had little to do to get the 0-1 to his name. That Belgian combination had Emmen in pursuit.

48. GOAL… For Helmond Sport… #helEMM 1-0
โ€” FC Emmen (@FC_Emmen) September 3, 2021

In the remainder of the competition Peter van Ooijen and Teun Bijleveld still got opportunities on the equalizer, but the guests from Drenthe also got away well when Arno Van Keilegom didnt keep the rest face to face with Emmen goalie Brouwer.