Deijl reports in PSV locker room: ‘Testifies sportsmanship and realism’

Go Ahead Eagles defender Mats Deijl got a red card against PSV after a hard foul against Richard Ledezma. The right back showed his strong side at rest and after the game and can count on compliments from Ruud van Nistelrooij.
PSV had a hard time against Go Ahead, but was able to reach a 2-5 win after Deijls red card. Deijl was able to push in after just over half an hour. At rest, he asked if he could enter the dressing room of the people of Eindhoven, to see how Ledezma was doing. The midfielder had to go to the side after the charge. โ€œI asked how he was doing and he said it didnt feel very bad, according to circumstances. I was happy to hear that,โ€ says Deijl at ESPN.
Van Nistelrooij appreciates Deijls action. โ€œWhen he came to our dressing room, Ledezma was treated. He asked how it went and he admitted it was a red card,โ€ says the elector at the press conference afterwards. โ€œThat shows sportsmanship and realism.โ€ Go Ahead trainer Renรฉ Hake agrees with Van Nistelrooijs words. โ€œHe was guilty, also because he disadvantaged the team. That he went to the PSV locker room to apologize is very neat. But thats how Mats is.โ€