Dekker wants parents to keep the child away from ex harder

The government wants to act harder against parents who, after a divorce, do not honour the agreements with their ex about dealing with children. Foreign Minister Dekker writes to the House of Representatives that coercion should be avoided as far as possible, but in certain situations it is necessary.

Dekker initially thinks of providing โ€œcompliance aidโ€. But if dealing is not restored, he also wants to be able to impose sanctions. These may vary from a periodic penalty payment to a change in the childs main residence or change of access arrangements.

โ€œAscension of Ascension only knows losersโ€

The Minister responds with his proposals to recommendations from an expert team of parental experts. Dekker takes over for a large part. He sees it as his task to prevent, as far as possible, a child from wanting to see the other parent because of pressure from one parent and breaking contact.

โ€œ Parental rejection knows only losers. A good relationship with both parents is necessary for the identity development of a child,โ€ writes the minister,

Specialist contact loss

Dekker wants a contact loss specialist to play a key role and be able to advise and intervene quickly. According to him, many agencies are now acting too much from their own point of view and too little or too late cooperation is being carried out, including between โ€œcare and justiceโ€.

Dekker wants the specialist contact loss to be engaged at an early stage in case of signals of access problems. The specialist advises which measure is appropriate in a specific situation and informs parents of any sanctions. In case of acute security problems, the police are called in.