Deluxe edition Burning Crusade Classic rated at $70

Blizzard has prepared new ways to spend money for World of Warcraft fans: Burning Crusade Classic. The company announced an improved edition of the add-on, as well as a โ€œpass to the Dark Portalโ€, allowing you to instantly raise the level of any character. exclusive subscription.

But those wishing will be able to buy the Deluxe Edition, which includes: โ€œAwakened Extra-Space Hunterโ€ mounts for Burning Crusade Classic and โ€œEmerald Extra-Space Hunterโ€ ; for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands; the โ€œDark Portalโ€ effect for the return stone; the Illidan Way toy, which allows the character to leave behind traces from the Flame of Fell: Skip to the Dark Portal, raising the level of one character to 58th (it can only be bought once); 30 days of game time World of Warcraft. Blizzard did not name the price of the set, but it is listed in the published press release.

For the Deluxe Edition you will have to give 70 dollars, or, taking into account the level of prices in the store, little less than for the epic edition of Shadowlands. In itself, the pass to the Dark Portal was estimated at $40 (by approximate calculations for it will have to give about one and a half thousand rubles).

โ€œGrowing upโ€ with his help the hero will get the skill of riding โ€œApprenticeโ€, a set of green equipment corresponding to the race of the mount, access to some flight paths, up to four bags 14 cells and a certain amount of gold. In addition, from the press release became the known cost of copying the character.

Those wishing to simultaneously continue the game in the classic version and go to the Outland will have to give $35. In the game store Blizzard all these products will appear on May 18, with the release of the preliminary patch.

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