Demand for the tricquel “Spider-Man” brought down ticket sales sites

On the night of November 29, pre-orders of tickets for the new part of Spider-Man opened in the United States, but the sites did not cope with the load. There were too many people willing to buy the coveted ticket, so some of the thematic sites simply collapsed under the pressure of customers. In networks, users complain about problems with access to such sites.

The last similar situation happened just before the release of Avengers: The Finale and the ninth episode of Star Wars in 2019. During the coronavirus pandemic, there was no such demand for films in principle.

According to analysts, such eagerness of the audience is a positive sign for cinemas, as it proves that people are ready to return to the halls if the right film is available for it. It is estimated that the fees of Spider-Man: No Way Home only for the first weekend will exceed $100 million.

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