Demanded three times life imprisonment for growshop murders: Killed like animals

The Public Prosecution Service is demanding a life sentence against three men for the quadruple murder in Enschede in 2018. They are Camil A. and his sons Dejan and Denis from Hengelo. The Public Prosecutor‘s Office proved that in November of that year they shot and killed four men in a building on the Van Leeuwenhoekstraat, in the east of the city. Justice speaks of murder in association.

The victims were two Hengeloรซrs, an Arnhemmer and a man from Enschede, the owner of the grow shop. Forensic investigation has shown that they were shot at close range.

Killed like animals

After killing the first victim, the suspects thought for a while about what to do with the others present, said the prosecutor. In the end, they were also shot According to him, they were killed like animals and, just to be on the safe side, received a second bullet through the head.

According to the prosecutor, only two weapons were used in the murders, but the responsibility of the three suspects is the same. It is not necessarily a question of who fired, but of the extent to which there was cooperation on the whole, said the prosecutor. For him, it is clear that the three men were together before, during and after the murders.

According to the prosecution, the suspects may have had a conflict with one of the victims, the 34-year-old former owner of the property. He would have been shot because he refused to give any money. The prosecution believes that the others were murdered because they witnessed this.

Before the suspects leave, they take with them what they came for: money, said the Public Prosecutor. They do not appear to be too anxious to search for money between the bodies, through the blood and even in the pockets of the deceased

One of the defendants said to go and talk during the trial when the time is right. They said virtually nothing and invoked their right to remain silent.

Power cable taken with them

Blood traces were found in the car of one of the suspects. Dna was also found on a bullet casing and a power cable from a VCR. The recorder was probably taken by the suspects because it may have contained surveillance images.

In the grow shop, items were sold that could be used to set up a hemp nursery. In the summer of 2018, the police found a batch of dried hemp buds in the building. Two of the later victims were arrested. They had been released pending their criminal trial.

A joke

Next of kin asked the court in Almelo during the trial to impose life imprisonment. I have lost the most important man of my life, said a son of the Arnhemmer according to RTV Oost. Life has become survival. And that in the city where I enjoyed studying, living and working. I can no longer live decently in that city. I have left Enschede and sit behind the wheel at work crying every day

I have a life without Max, my life companion, my support and support, said the widow of the man from Arnhem. The highest possible punishment will be a laughing stock for us

No punishment can alleviate our pain, said the relatives of the 27 year old victim from Hengelo. These murderous barbarians should die by a bullet. But the death penalty cannot be imposed, so I ask you to put them away for life’

This afternoon it will be the turn of the lawyers of the three main suspects. On Monday, the judicial authorities will make demands on three of their fellow suspects, who are said to have supplied the weapons. On 6 November, the judge will give his verdict.