Demissionary Minister Van Ark away due to severe neck complaints

Minister Tamara van Ark leaves for health reasons. King Willem-Alexander has resigned the demissionary minister for Medical Care. Van Ark also stepped up as a member of the House of Representatives for the VVD.

Earlier it was already known that she had to take rest due to neck problems. โ€œUnfortunately, there is no recovery at the level I can get back to work,โ€ she reports today. She adds that this work, both in the Cabinet and in the Chamber, requires 100 percent and she cant give that right now.

Van Arks duties will be taken over by Minister De Jonge of Health and Secretary of State Blokhuis.

Van Ark was Minister for Medical Care since July last year. She then succeeded Pvdas Martin van Rijn. He, in turn, was the replacement of VVDer Bruno Bruins. Bruins got up last March because he was overtired.

Van Ark was in the House of Representatives from 2010 to 2017, much of that time she was Vice Group Chairman of the VVD. Before she became minister, she was Secretary of State for Social Affairs. As a minister, she dealt with, among other things, the corona crisis. In the March elections, she ranked second on the VVDs candidates list, right behind party leader Rutte.

Lots of revisers gone

With Van Arks departure, nine members of the third Rutte Cabinet have now resigned prematurely. This week the departure of demissionary minister Van Nieuwenhuizen was announced. She will be chairman of Energie Nederland, the lobby club of major energy companies such as Shell and Eneco.

The departure of four rulers had a direct political reason (Zijlstra, Harbers, Snel, Wiebes). Two left for health reasons (Bruins and Van Ark). Two left because they have another job: Van Nieuwenhuizen and her Secretary of State Van Veldhoven. PVDAer Van Rijn was Minister for Medical Care for four months after Bruins departure last year. Then theres also Minister Vant Wout. He hasnt officially gone away as a red-man, but since the end of May he has been replaced by VVD party companion Blok because of a burnout.


fact that nine ministers or state secretaries leave earlier is exceptionally much, but not a record.