Democrats want Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene out of committees

The Democrats in the House of Commons of the United States Parliament have tabled a bill to have Republican MEP Marjorie Taylor Greene expel from two major parliamentary committees.

Greene is known for the conspiracy theories she regularly disseminates and has called for the killing of fellow parliamentarians and supported such calls from others. The Democrats come up with the bill after the Republicans refuse to make a move to punish her.

The House of Representatives‘s Internal Rules Committee agreed to hold a plenary debate in which the fate of Greene will be discussed on Thursday. Republican group chairman in the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy, like Greene an avid Trump supporter, condemned the statements of his group mate on Wednesday. At the same time, however, McCarthy accused the Democrats of divisions by demanding that Greene be expelled from the parliamentary committees.

Chairman of the Internal Rules Committee Jim McGovern, a Democrat, accused McCarthy of taking up for Greene instead of distancing herself. โ€œI don’t think anyone who speaks for the assassination of parliamentarians or others should have the privilege of being on a committee,โ€ McGovern said. He believes that Greene should leave as a Member of Parliament or be expelled from Parliament. Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic President of the House of Representatives called McCarthy‘s refusal to act against Greene โ€œcowardly.โ€

McCarthy later said that Greene would have renounced her controversial remarks in the past.

McConnell finished with Trump and Greene

Meanwhile, the Republicans also sat down with parliamentarians Liz Cheney, who spoke against former President Trump and his conspiracy theories when she voted for Trump’s impeachment. As a result, she had come under attack from her party mates. Some of them wanted Cheney, who is also on a number of important committees, to be expelled from those committees. Eventually, Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, survived the vote.

If Cheney had been punished while Greene retains her seats within the parliamentary committees, it would have been a sign that the Republican Party would continue to take the course of former President Trump over the next few years. Such a decision can have far-reaching consequences, as a number of party leaders, including Mitch McConnell, seem to have finished Trump and Greene. McConnell called the parliamentarian on Tuesday a โ€œcancerous tumorโ€ for the Republican Party.

The harsh, regularly violent rhetoric from the far right corner of the Republican Party has been the subject of heated debate in the United States since the deadly attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters on January 6.