“Demon Fighter” accidentally leaked into PSN — 2 months before premiere in figure

At night in the US PlayStation Store for PS4 suddenly began sales of the full-length anime Demon Slayer, which just last week started in the American rent. Those wishing within three hours could purchase a copy, after which Sony still closed the access. The obvious way anime has already hit torrents, and many predict a large drop in fees in different regions.

It is noteworthy that the premiere of the picture on DVD and Blu-Ray will take place only on June 16 in Japan (although the rental of the picture in Japanese cinemas began in autumn 2020) . It is worth noting that in the PS Store anime was sold with Japanese voiceover, whereas in cinemas it is shown with English dubbing.

However, to worry about a big drop in potential fees is likely not worth it — at least in the US. Warner Bros.

movies have already proved that many even if able to watch at home will go to cinemas. Another thing is that Demon Fighter is still preparing for its premiere in other countries.

In Russia, for example, the rental will start only on May 20. Demon Fighter has already become a box-office anime in history — its fees exceeded $450 million.

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