Demon Hunter extension is being prepared to the Son of a Witch bagel

Independent studio Bigosaur, a one-person, announced that it would release on Steam an expansion of Demon Hunter to co-operative bagel Son of a Witch on February 25. It will be available free of charge to all game owners. The version for the Nintendo Switch will appear later.

The Demon Hunter expansion will be Son of a Witchs biggest update since release. It will add to the game a new class, Lich, with it the total number of available heroes will increase to 11.

The game will open Hell level with seven new types of enemies and four bossams. In addition, players will have access to seven new test rooms and get unprecedented weapons and magical weapons items.

Heroes will be able to acquire five pets with unique skills and complete 27 more advances. Gameplay expansion Demon Hunter showed in a special half-hour broadcast with comments developer.

And you can buy a game on Steam until February 15 at a discount, for 119 rubles. More on Gambling Victory At Sea Ironclad goes into early access February 25 For Crossout released โ€œcyberpunkโ€ update Syndicate Platformer Castle Kong comes out on Nintendo Switch.