Demon’s Souls remake found a door that wasn’t in the original

Players slowly study Demon‘s Souls for PS5, and at level โ€œ1-3โ€ they discovered a new door that was not in the original PS3. It is hidden behind the illusory wall, and when trying open a message that it is closed. Enthusiasts studied the surroundings and thanks to the photo mode looked out the door.

There begins a small terrace where a dead knight with an unknown object lies. What’s next there โ€” so far the question.

Fans of the series also note that the door opens not with a key, but by a mechanism โ€” apparently a lever. It has not been discovered yet, but the search is just beginning.

How to get to the new door There‘s a mysterious new door in the Demon’s Souls Remake, and no one knows how to open it https://t. co/TdpHLuIRsR pic.

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