Demonstration in Istanbul against economic policy Erdogan

In Istanbul, according to organizing unions, thousands of people participated in a demonstration against President Erdogan‘s economic policy. They argued against increasing poverty and increasing the minimum wage.

The Turkish economy is in severe weather. The Turkish lira lost 43 percent of its value against the US dollar since the beginning of this year. In Istanbul, according to the city government, life has become 50 percent more expensive in a year.

A demonstration was also announced in the capital Ankara, but it didn’t come that far. The Governor had issued a ban. At least ninety students were arrested before they could start their protest.

President Erdogan is held responsible for inflation of more than 20 percent. He demanded that interest rates fall last summer, as high interest rates would be helping inflation. Many economists think that he is actually fueling inflation.

Here are images of the demonstration against Erdogan in Istanbul: