Den Bosch fans should be on the blisters: no more away supporters for the time being

FC Den Bosch is not taking supporters to the two upcoming away games. The Kitchen Champion Division Club decided to do so after the disturbances during Willem IIs fight last Friday. The border has been reached, say the Bosscheners.
The Brabant derby between Willem II and FC Den Bosch had to be stopped after just seventeen minutes, because fireworks were thrown on the field and riots broke out between supporters. The ME intervened by evacuating the visitor area. Finally, it was only possible to continue playing after eighty minutes.
FC Den Bosch likes it and is not taking fans to the duels with GVVV (October 18, KNVB Cup) and MVV (October 22, Kitchen Champion Division). The club โ€œis also taking care of the uncertainโ€ by not bringing an audience along during the visit to Helmond Sport at the end of this year. That game is considered a โ€œhigh riskโ€, after there were disturbances last season. โ€œIn the meantime, we are going to think about a tightened approach, whereby only known season ticket holders will be allowed to away games until further notice. In addition, the maximum number of cards per away game will be drastically reduced for the time being.

Den Bosch announces that it wants to fight the bad apples. โ€œWe are struggling enormously with the situation that has arisen in which FC Den Bosch feels hostage due to the events around us that are deliberately caused by a (small) part of our supporters around our matches. (…) These persons are not addressed individually and at group level by stewards, security guards or other personnel involved in the competition organization. They are also not addressed by fellow supporters. We do not want and cannot accept that patiently.

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โ€” FC Den Bosch (@mijnfcdenbosch) October 10, 2022