Denis Villeneuve again opposed watching ‘Dune’ outside cinemas

“Dune” director Denis Villeneuve again criticized the simultaneous release of the tape in theaters and on HBO Max. According to the production, watching this film “on TV” can be compared to an attempt to “ride a boat in the bathtub”, and he finds such a solution simply “ridiculous”. Villeneuve believes the picture is sharpened for big screens.

In the past, the author has already opposed Warner Bros. ” decision to release the project in cinemas and on streaming service HBO Max, however the studio remained is true to this plan.

Many believe that a similar move could hit the films fees, while some users suggest similar problems would occur without a release on HBO Max — as it did with the sequel & laquo; Blade Runner” of the same Villeneuve. The author himself believes that only a complete failure on fees can only be a complete failure on the part of the studios, but he himself is very optimistic about the second film.

Given that the debut tape only screens half of the original novel, the author doesnt even consider the potential second picture a full-fledged sequel. Villeneuve is now working on a sequel script & nbsp; and feels like “hes eight years old again” — the protagonist of the second picture, according to the author, will be performed by Chani.

The premiere of “Dune” in Russian hire will take place a month early worldwide on September 16, and the tape will be released on HBO Max on October 22. More on Media Gamania: Emma Stone to get eight-figure sum for “Cruells” sequel In Red Dead Redemption 2 horse can strangle NPC afterburner 10 will come out in rental in April 2023.