Denmark is almost there, Broja the hero

The European World Cup Qualification Cycle is approaching the decisive phase, with three more rounds to go. Denmark and England get ready for the 2022 World Cup, while the battle for spot two in their poules is still thrilling. Serbia and Switzerland are allowed to compete for the leading position with Portugal and Italy respectively.
Luxembourg-Serbia 0-1 (Group A) Serbia will decide with Portugal who can go directly to the World Cup and who should focus on the playoffs. Luxembourg started out as number three from the pool, but has lost sight of numbers one and two. The team of Sparta-backs Laurent Jans and Mica Pinto held up for a long time, but Dusan Vlahovic made the difference in the second half: 0-1, Dusan Tadic and his own take over the leading position from Portugal, which, however, still has another match. Both countries will close the qualifying cycle on November 14 with a mutual match.
Switzerland โ€” Northern Ireland 2-0 (Group C) Switzerland has kept pressure on the boiler at front-runner Italy, which only plays Nations League matches during this international period. The home game against Northern Ireland fell into a decisive prey before a break: first Jamal Lewis received his second yellow card due to time draws at a throw-in, then Steven Zuber made the 1-0. In the extra time of the second half Christian Fassnacht made 2-0, leaving Switzerland on three points from Italy, with another match credit. Both countries will also play against each other on November 12th.

A red card and a backlog at rest ๐Ÿ˜ฌ Northern Ireland is now very difficult to get a result in Switzerland, which came ahead via Zuber โšฝ #Ziggo #WCQ2022 #SUINIR
โ€” Ziggo Sports Football (@ZS_Voetbal) October 9, 2021

Moldavia-Denmark 0-4 (Group F) Denmark can start looking for a hotel in Qatar: the semi-finalist of the previous European Championship needs one more victory to officially secure the World Cup qualification. Against Moldova, the difference between minutes 23 and 44 was made. Andreas Skov Olsen opened the score, Simon Kjaer took advantage of a penalty and Christian Nรถrgaard and Joakim Maehle did a dista in the bag before rest. The Danes are 21 points after seven games โ€” seven more than Scotland, which won a crucial victory over Israel earlier Saturday โ€” and have a goal balance of 26-0.
Andorra-England 0-5/Hungary-Albania 0-1/Poland-San Marino 5-0 (Group I) England also has its sheep on dry land. The Three Lions had little trouble with soccer dwarf Andorra, where 41-year-old Ildefons Lima was still in and out, and are at nineteen points after seven games. Albania remains the surprising number two, after Armando Broja (ex-Vitesse) broke open the away game against Hungary ten minutes before time. Poland won 3โ€”0 from San Marino and shifts up a spot and remains on one point of Albania. Hungary seems to have to abandon its World Cup dream.

The final chord is for Jack Grealish ๐Ÿ”š A Johnstone ejection will be promoted to goal by the City forward: 0-5 and an assist for West Brom goalkeeper ๐Ÿ…ฐ๏ธ #ZiggoSport #WCQ2022 #ANDENG
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