‘Denmark stops vaccinations with AstraZeneca’

Denmark stops vaccinating with the Astrazeneca vaccine, Danish media report. Later this afternoon, the Danish health authorities will publish a new vaccination schedule, in which AstraZeneca would no longer be included.

Due to the decision, the Danish vaccination programme is expected to be delayed by a few weeks. Since 11 March, AstraZeneca has not been vaccinated with AstraZeneca in Denmark. In the Netherlands, the Astrazeneca vaccine is only given to those over 60.

Several cases of a very rare form of thrombosis following vaccination with the Astrazeneca vaccine have been observed, especially in women under the age of 60, and the package leaflet for the Astrazeneca vaccine has been adapted and is now considered a very rare side effect.

Benefits weigh heavier

However, according to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the benefits of the vaccine still outweigh the disadvantages. Thrombosis experts previously reacted critically to the partial stop of AstraZeneca.

It is reported that Denmark is also deciding not to start vaccinating with the Janssen vaccine for the time being. Yesterday, the pharmaceutical announced that further deliveries to Europe were suspended provisionally, because six cases of very rare forms of Janssen vaccine have also been detected in the US after vaccination, out of a total of seven million vaccinations. Whether there is a connection to the vaccine is still under investigation.