Departing informer Hamer: situation worrying, now minority cabinet

Departing informator Mariรซtte Hamer (PvdA) advises the House of Representatives to appoint an informator of VVD huize and instruct them to examine a minority coalition โ€œfrom a combination to be determinedโ€ of VVD, D66 and CDA. That could also be a combination of two of these parties.

That is the main conclusion of informer Hamer after she has been in vain looking for a new government coalition for almost four months. She calls the deadlock worrying and says that the formation is not good for political relations between them.

The crisis of confidence at the beginning of the formation on Pieter Omtzigt function elsewhere still throws its shadow forward, says Hamer. โ€œTheres a lot of grudge, that blast hasnt exploded yet.โ€

Nevertheless, several parties need to find out with each other, she thinks. She advises in her final report to seek support for such a minority cabinet from โ€œthe other three parties from the broad midst: the PvdA, GroenLinks and the Christian Unionโ€. This is obvious โ€œbecause the six sides from the broad middle have always ruled or cooperated in agreements over the past decadesโ€.


Hammer is critical of the parties to take the lead in the formation. They raise โ€œblockadesโ€ for reasons other than due to political differences in content. After her previous report, at the end of June, nothing really changed, Hamer concludes.


fact that no breakthrough has come for a majority variant, Hamer says โ€œvery worryingโ€. According to her, it leads to โ€œa situation that will not increase citizens confidence in politicsโ€.

According to Hamer there are major problems due to the impasse:

The next stage of formation has already occurred. Yesterday it was announced that the VVD wants Johan Remkes as a new informator. He is currently acting commissioner of the King (Governor) in Limburg.

70-year-old Remkes is seen as one of the best troubleshooters in the Dutch government and politics. A majority of chambers is expected to support its appointment next week.

Remkes was previously Deputy Prime Minister, Interior Minister, Secretary of State for Housing and Commissioner of the King in North Holland. He was also acting mayor of The Hague and chairman of advisory committees on nitrogen and the parliamentary system.