Department that opposed Activision Blizzard accused of ethics violations

California Department of Fair Hiring and Housing (DFEH), which planned to prevent Activision Blizzard from buying back victims, received countercharges of ethics violations โ€” by accuser spoke to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) . PC Gamer publication observed that a document filed by the EEOC last week points to two lawyers who moved to DFEH from the EEOC where are now working on a case against Activision Blizzard. Working with the EEOC, they also investigated Activision Blizzard even before the two sides entered into an agreement to resolve the conflict through cash.

will be officially confirmed, there will be a conflict of interest, a violation of attorney ethics, and a violation of California lawyers‘ rules of professional. EEOC notes that DFEH invited a new lawyer, but it came only a few hours after the statement against the $18m payment was issued โ€” this suggests that the lawyers surely had a hand in the motion.

The EEOC asks that the motion be dismissed and all DFEH lawyers barred from interfering with the case. More on Gamemania Switch Alan Wake Remastered is rated by ESRB Screenwriters Call of Duty: Vanguard want to make two more sequels to Theft of the Diamond Il Sovranoโ€, bonuses and discounts โ€” what’s new in Red Dead Online.