Departure Kaag harvests respect from many parties, but there is also criticism

Many political parties in the House express their respect for D66 leader Kaag‘s decision to step up as Foreign Minister because of the firm criticism of the evacuation operation in Afghanistan. Parties like the PvdA, SP, Volt and GroenLinks say via Twitter that they appreciate Kaag’s choice.

โ€œSigrid Kaag takes responsibility for the Dutch performance in Afghanistan with his head. Much appreciation for this pure choice,โ€ says GroenLinks leader Clover. That‘s what PvdA leader Ploumen thinks. She thanks Kaag โ€œfor her commitment to the Netherlands and the worldโ€. Kaag’s party mate Jetten speaks of a โ€œbrave decisionโ€ and is happy to stay as a D66 party leader.

Kaag immediately announced her departure tonight after a majority of the House of Representatives supported a motion of censure.

Check her statement back here:

The Chamber believes that the cabinet has done too little to bring people who worked in Afghanistan for the Netherlands to safety. The ministers in charge have waited too long, says the House. Minister Kaag decided to step up, Minister Bijleveld of Defence, who also received a motion of censure, remains.

PVV leader Wilders is highly critical of Kaag and believes that there should be new parliamentary elections. โ€œDespite #hexit she is still MP and D66 group chairman and negotiating with Rutte and Hoekstra this weekend so with a little bad luck she will be Vice Prime Minister for Christmas and nothing changes at all because the cowardly elite does not dare to take new #verkiezingen,โ€ Wilders said on Twitter.